Carol Agneesens – The Breath Which Breathes Us

Carol A. Agneessens, MS., Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Rolf Movement® Instructor, Registered Craniosacral Therapist

“Listen – Are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?”1 — Mary Oliver

Breathing: life’s most vital function. Countless writings and techniques, from ancient Sanskrit texts and yogic practices to innovative holistic therapies and medical interventions are devoted to the cultivation, understanding and repair of respiratory physiology. Every physical, psychological and emotional problem is to some degree connected to a lack of oxygen and the interruption of full breathing cycles. Yet how many individuals pay attention to their personal respiratory habits? Or notice how respiratory health affects the depth and fullness of their breath and life? What happens to the breathing cycle when stressful events occur?

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Carol Agneesens – Flowing Wholeness

Flowing Wholeness :
The Vibratory Resonance Beneath Perceivable Form
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July 2013.
Carol Ann Agneessens, MS.

Imagine for a moment having access to a Hubble-like telescope. Not only can it block distortions from earth’s atmosphere, it is able to record a deep view into space and time with laser precision. In addition, it captures the energetic blueprint of structure prior to the coalescing into form.

What might you see? Is there an iterative pattern shaping nature which can be identified throughout animal and plant kingdoms? Perhaps, through the exquisite ‘eye’ of this lens, we are witnessing the fundamental ‘vibration’ underlying form. Perhaps beneath the perceived solidity of structure there is an active process, moving, shaping and vivifying all organic matter.

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