Biodynamic Craniosacral Exercise – Fluidity, Midlines, and Horizon

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking in. People frequently ask me for recordings of classroom meditations and table exercises, so I thought I would post a live recording from a recent biodynamic craniosacral class I taught in Austin, Texas. In this recording I take students through a basic exploration of grounding, fluidity, biodynamic midlines, and the field of creative possibility encompassed by the horizon.

This exercise is meant for those who have had some academic instruction in (and sensory experience with) Primary Respiration. I do not “teach” much in this audio track. It is very slow and spacious by design, with the intention being to give the learner an opportunity to comfortably explore biodynamic concepts presented earlier in class.

This is meant to be listened to while in sensory contact with Primary Respiration. Enjoy!